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About us

Across the Pond-US was started by Stacey and Simon Joseph, who have lived in Port Washington, New York for over 10 years. Simon, who was born and raised in London prior to coming to America, embraced everything about his new home.

However, there were some things he sorely missed from the other side of the Atlantic. One of those things was delicious smoked salmon that was thinly cut, mild and creamy in flavor, and contained a low sodium count. He began to have it shipped monthly from a trusted English bespoke company that has been purveying smoked fish for over four generations.

When family and friends came over, they would always request the delicious delicacy for brunch. They could not get over the fact that the quality was far superior to what was available locally and started to request being “in on” the monthly shipments.

Word of mouth then spread and suddenly a small home business was born! We always love to hear how much you are enjoying your salmon and especially love to see photos of the new ways you choose to serve it. Please keep us posted! We look forward to serving you the best smoked salmon you have ever experienced eating!

Stacey & Simon

Our Quality

Our salmon goes through a tried and tested 4-step process.

The process begins by selecting the best quality fish for curing and smoking, and ensuring we adhere to the highest food safety and quality standards.

Read more about our process.

New York lox company booms during pandemic – by selling British smoked salmon

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If kosher certification is important to you, then look no further. Our reputation amongst kosher establishments is second to none.

With London Beth Din and Kedassia approval, we are your first stop for kosher salmon.

Customer Reviews

Sent to friends in East Hampton and family in Virginia. Shared with family here at home.

Huge hit all around. Great service, amazing taste—rather addicting! Gotta have it.

Baya. L Facebook

We get an order every other week so we are always stocked up. Our favorite!

Got my parents and friends involved too. Just the best!!

Lynsey W. Facebook

I can vouch for this. I typically don’t care for smoke salmon or any type of lox.

This stuff is on a completely different level. It doesn’t last more than a day in my house - and I’m partially guilty.

David G. Facebook

Thank you for introducing me to this smoked salmon source.

My lox-discerning family enjoyed how fresh tasting it was. We also liked the thin slices.

Betsy G. Facebook

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